2024 Standings

Total Lionfish Removed!

1st Place Most Lionfish – VJL Seafood  – 1,776

1st Place Largest Lionfish  – DWM El Gato Negro – 475mm

1st Place Smallest Lionfish – Lookin Back – 48mm

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Emerald Coast Open

2024 Standings

Despite Mother Nature being cranky this year, the 2024 Emerald Coast Open lionfish tournament was, again, a huge success.  With 147 participants this year, the lionfish population was lessened by over 11,000.  We saw lots of new teams and new faces participating and ranking this year. It seemed the advantage went to the East Coast Florida teams with much better weather, but the local crews did an amazing job and won lots of prizes too. With a record amount of prizes and the largest cash payouts, the Emerald Coast Open Lionfish Tournament retains its title of the Largest Lionfish Tournament in the World. 


Number of Lionfish Removed

Tournament Total




Main Tournament Total


Most Lionfish Per Team

Place Team Name Number of Fish
1st Place VJL Seafood 1,776
2nd Place Rubber Duck 1,716
3rd Place Slightly Deeper Mobsters 806
4th Place DWM 1 785
5th Place Niuhi Dive Charters 425
6th Place In The Clouds 363
7th Place Key’s Fisheries 339
8th Place Rumfish 236
9th Place Zookeeper 212
10th Place Blue Bucket 120

Largest Lionfish Caught

Place Team Name Size
1st Place DWM El Gato Negro 475mm/18.70″ RECORD
2nd Place Niuhi Dive Charters 427mm/16.73″ 
3rd Place Rubber Duck 425mm/16.81″
4th Place Slightly Deeper Mobster 423mm/16.65″
5th Place Salty S 415mm/16.33″
6th Place VJL Seafood 415mm/16.33″
7th Place In The Clouds 412mm/16.22″
8th Place JTT 410mm/16.14″
9th Place Froggy Enough For Me 406mm/15.98″
10th Place Zookeeper 404mm/15.90″

Smallest Lionfish Caught

Place Team Name Smallest
1st Place Lookin Back 48mm/1.89″
2nd Place In The Clouds 78mm/3.07″ 
3rd Place Zookeeper 88mm/3.46″
4th Place DWM 1 94mm/3.07″
5th Place Slightly Deeper Mobsters 94mm/3.70″
6th Place DWM El Gato Negro 95mm/3.74″
7th Place Blue Bucket 96mm/3.77″
8th Place DWM 00 96mm/3.77″
9th Place VJL Seafood 100mm/3.93″
10th Place Sea N Dipity 100mm/3.93″

Restaurant Week Winner!

Back to Back Year Winner!

La Paz Restaurant and Cantina

Guess How Many Lionfish Contest

Congratulations to Kyle Corbitt who won $1,000!

Guessed: 7,001

Actual Total Was 7,411

Pre-tournament Final Standings

20240517 FINAL


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Tournament Participants

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