2023 Standings

Total Lionfish Removed!

1st Place Most Lionfish – Deepwater Mafia 1 – 2,898

1st Place Largest Lionfish  – Dibs On Bottom – 456mm

1st Place Smallest Lionfish – Down N Out – 64mm

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Emerald Coast Open

2023 Standings

The 2023 Emerald Coast Open lionfish tournament was a huge success.  With 144 participants this year, the lionfish population took a hit. We had several new teams participating and rank this year. After several years of hard work, we were excited to award one of our most active and dedicated teams, Deep Water Mafia 1 with the highest prize of Most Lionfish.

Records Broken

Broke record for Most in main tournament: 19,560

Broke record for Most in pre tournament: 5,139

Broke record for the overall total: 24,699

Broke record for largest 5 times during this years event.

Until next year, we look forward to hearing the stories of conquest and removals, ceviches and tacos and saving our oceans, one speared lionfish at a time. And when the new year turns, sharpen those spears, pay your registrations and once again compete in the largest of competitions, the best of the best… The Emerald Coast Open

See you next year!

Most Lionfish Caught

Place Team Name Number of Fish
1st Place Deepwater Mafia 1 2,898
2nd Place Under Pressure 2,741
3rd Place In the Clouds 1,569
4th Place Shark Quest 1,500
5th Place Big Blue 1,335
6th Place Alabama Jammin 1,250
7th Place Raisin  Cain 1,009
8th Place Down and Out 982
9th Place Reel Easy 950
10th Place DWM Bama 875

Largest Lionfish Caught

Place Team Name Size
1st Place Dibs On Bottom 456mm/17.95″ RECORD
2nd Place Alabama Jammin 452mm/17.80″ RECORD
3rd Place Hawks 449mm/17.68″ RECORD
4th Place Reel Easy 446mm/17.56″ RECORD
5th Place Under Pressure 442mm/17.40″ RECORD
6th Place Rubber Duck 433mm/17.05″
7th Place Bottom Dwellers 430mm/16.93″
8th Place Zookeeper 426mm/16.77″
9th Place Deepwater Mafia 1 421mm/16.57″
10th Place In the Clouds 416mm/16.38″

Smallest Lionfish Caught

Place Team Name Smallest
1st Place Down N Out 64mm/2.51″
2nd Place In The Clouds 77mm/3.03″ First to check in
3rd Place Shark Quest 77mm/3.03″
4th Place Big Blue 78mm/3.07″
5th Place Deepwater Mafia 1 88mm/3.46″
6th Place Hawks 89mm/3.50″
7th Place Blue Bucket 90mm/3.54″
8th Place Zookeeper 91mm/3.58″
9th Place Alabama Jammin 98mm/3.86″
10th Place Dibs On Bottom 100mm/3.93″

Total Standings by Team


Place Team Name Number of Fish
1 Deepwater Mafia 1 2,898
2 Under Pressure 2,741
3 In The Clouds 1,569
4 Shark Quest 1,500
5 Big Blue 1,335
6 Alabama Jammin 1,250
7 Raisin Cain 1,009
8 Down & Out 982
9 Reel Easy 950
10 DWM Bama 875
11 Bottom Dwellers 664
12 Zookeeper 509
13 Hawks 447
14 Bounty Hunter 444
15 Rubber Duck 372
16 Reef Cleaner 297
17 Hook Shot 251
18 Rum Fish 226
19 Dibbs On Bottom 218
20 All Season 162
21 D.W.M El Gato 118
22 Opted Out 103
23 Nitro Express 92
24 Killer B’s 90
25 Blue Bucket 85
26 Reef Sweepers 74
26 TBD 57
27 Aggrevated Assault 56
28 Spearit 55
29 Brick Squad 49
30 Narked Our 33
31 VooDoo 21
32 Lady Lionfish Tamers 13
33 Zero Boys 11
31 Mango 2
31 Mica Divers 1
31 Spear & Sear 1
2-day Total Lionfish Removed 19,560

Restaurant Week Winner!

La Paz Restaurant and Cantina

Guess How Many Lionfish Contest

Congratulations to Rachelle Graves who won $1,000!

Guessed: 19,461

Actual Total Was 19,699


By the Numbers

Lionfish Removed

Tournament Participants

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