2020 Standings

Total Lionfish Removed!

1st Place  – Josh Livingston

2nd Place  – Tim Shivers

3rd Place  – Bob Brown

Emerald Coast Open

2020 Emerald Coast Open Standings

Like many things this year, the ECO tournament was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to modify the tournament and was only able to run the pre-tournament. Even though we weren’t able to have the main event, individuals were able to remove over 4600 lionfish from the Gulf waters. We are seeing more and more people participate in lionfish removal and that is a big goal of ECO. We thank all of our participants and sponsors for 2020! We are already planning the 2021 tournament, and hope to make it bigger and better.  See you next year!

Most Lionfish


Place Team Name Number of Fish
1st Place Josh Livingston 818
2nd Place Tim Shivers 648
3rd Place Bob Brown 518
4th Place Adam Wise 290
5th Place Brad Riles 256
6th Place Bob Gamble 247


By the Numbers

Lionfish Removed

Tournament Participants